Wanted: Great People hungry to achive

Lychee Ventures focus on doing things differently. We started with Media as a consultant company. We created magazines just like a software was outsourced. We have embraced technology and business models to achieve things in a different way.

What is crucial is, the right people and a will to achieve change. We are proud to say that we have a proven track record.

Our philosophy is to assume execution risk instead of innovation risk, to work with existing technologies instead of developing new ones and prioritise synergies between the ventures. With a focus on execution and brand building we build independent teams for each business unit with young well-educated people in business developing roles ensuring speed. Based under Lychee Ventures each project can share back office functions.

We want to shape the future of our industry and we need great people that also want to achieve this.

If you are driven, ambitious and not afraid of challenges, we want to hear from you.

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