We are committed to creating great content and experiences.
We bring brands to life and our online channels, publications and events carry them into the hands and minds of locals and expats alike.

MYANMORE was started November 2012 and has developed into a leading English–language lifestyle and entertainment platform, creating great content and experiences to visitors and residents of Yangon through digital and print mediums. We see ourselves as creative pioneers, leading the way in creating high quality content and experiences for residents and visitors of Yangon.

MYANMORE’s mission is help our readers enjoy and explore more of Yangon and Myanmar. Our irreverent and independent writing, comprehensive venue and event listings, and daily updated website for Yangon attracts over 50,000 visits and over 200,000 page views every month.

Our publications, both in digital and print forms, published weekly, monthly and quarterly all suit different needs and are available in more than 100 popular venues all over Yangon as well as embassies, business centres and the airport. Each one is tailored to a specific need and they have all become a craze among readers from both locals and foreigners reaching a diverse group of readers.

Our product offerings include the following:


Website with listings, articles and event calendar
Weekly E-Newsletter twice a week to give you the latest info about events and happenings
Android/IOS APP to give the same content of the website in your palm
Viber Public Chat where we share live happenings and promotions


Weekly Guide, famous for its up to date contents for events, new openings, food and book reviews, new card deals, and city tour. Delivered in a convenient format and size, you can easy fit it into your pocket.
InDepth Monthly Lifestyle Magazine, a high quality publication that is more local focused, featuring local profiles and stories in much more Indepth. All content written by professional writers and photos of high quality, done in an attractive layout.
KnowIt Survival Guide, published three times a year it provides important and essential information for newcomers to Yangon.
EnjoyIt Dining & Nightlife Guide, published three times a year it has become the bible for everyone that enjoys dining and nightlife. Useful listings of places with descriptions mixed with recommendations and articles helps you find restaurants, bars and entertainment in Yangon.


Published every six months, our Maps provide directional content information on where to find establishments in various places in all majors cities of Myanmar. We also provide own-branded maps to hotels and brands.
The MYANMORE Privilege Card platform, is the first and only loyalty platform for Myanmar. We provide card holders with discounts and other benefits and also help organisations create own co-branded cards for their members.